In general a person´s clothing consists of several different parts. Firstly this means clothes for the life in public, which mostly differs from the leisurewear people wear in their houses. Everything people wear in their free time is above all comfortable and easy to clean. It is not about optical finesse, about fashionable perfection; they are simply ment to be comfortable, independent from the gender they are worn by. The famous sweatpants, combined with T-Shirts and pullovers, sweaters and sweat jackets: Those are the main components of this clothing style in the wardrobes.

It looks a little more lavish in most of the wardrobes with regard to the department “suitable for the public”. A certain fashion line needs to be found here, which is again composed of basics as well as the fashionable clothes which change from season to season. According to the taste and an own style one might find jeans and other trousers, all of them chosen with regard to latest fashion, and of course suitable tops. Thus the basics consist of all types of shirts with long or short arms, blouses and vests, all in a perfectly combinable style, and comparable clothes. The hits in a season are clothes in the “colours of the season”, decorated with the latest patterns or the adornments one finds on the runways in the latest fashion shows.  Those who stand to themselves sort this part of the wardrobes out with every season´s change – and except from some favourite pieces nothing stays in the wardrobe that is not in accordance with the latest fashion. The evening dresses are updated according to demand in most of the cases – suits and evening gowns are seldom sold without a forthcoming event. It is with the invitation to a wedding, for example, that people decide who already saw the lady in an existing dress, if the suit still fits perfectly and then new clothes are bought or not.

Shop price-consciously – does that always work?

The purchase of clothing is always composed of necessary shopping and spontaneous action. Unfortunately it is often the case that you start for a stroll in the city intending to buy some hip and fashionable pieces for the spring, summer, autumn and winter to come. That is exactly when it comes to the point that despite from all good intentions and the commitment to success one does not get hold of anything. Too expensive, not fitting, not of the own taste, which cannot be supressed even by the greatest fashion – in short, one has to go home with empty pockets. But then you get to an internet page or a shop rather unintended and could buy so much that all the money in the world would not be enough.

This is exactly the “fate” that makes it so hard to always be price-conscious while shopping. Especially the internet offers many possibilities to shop for the latest fashion but nevertheless with a view to the budget. Even if no longer with official framework clearance sales and discount campaigns are as ever still practiced as far as possible to buy ahead beautiful fashion. Especially the durable things regarding fashion´s up-to-dateness, like jeans, shoes and other parts of clothing can be found in times of clearance sales at particular favourable prices – online and in the cities. Discounts up to 70 per cent are to be found here; this means one has to be quick and buy respectively order. Fashionistas and their male equivalents get a season´s must-haves in those hip boutiques; in the first place the price is secondary here – as these are each season´s fashion highlights. The basics, to which also timeless outfits from the elegant sector belong, can be bought at reduced prices or second hand – as far as this agrees with one´s own feeling. For nobody recognizes in the evening gown, the festive suit or fancy dress as well as the perfectly suitable shoes, from where the lady or the gentleman who wear it bought it.