Many healthy people do not know at all what a blessing it is to be able to simply go to any shoe shop or online store and choose shoes that fit, are comfortable and that they like at the same time, or which correspond to the latest fashion. Diabetic people are not able to proceed that thoughtlessly in this concern. They have a certain obligation concerning the health of their feet and thus need to consider several aspects.

Diabetic people (as well as smokers) most commonly have to deal with circulatory disorders – those entail wound healing disturbances. A simple blister on the foot can become a severe wound which is not capable of healing. While healthy people with a working blood circulation simply use a band aid for blisters and for a few days pay attention that the skin respectively the wound will not get infected, this can be the first step into the direction of a (partial) amputation of the foot or leg for a diabetic person. The lack of blood circulation inhibits the healing in such an extent that the wound gets bigger and from bad to worse: only by luck such an injury with a minor cause can be handled successfully – depending on the disease´s progress. Thus such illnesses and their side effects make it necessary to do everything possible to avoid any exertions for the feet´s skin.

Foot health realized in the right shoe

The layman now asks himself how this shoe has to look like, that might be able to avoid all those bad side effects of circulatory disorders. The most important thing first: It must not pinch or rub or consist of a material which creates sweating in the interior of the shoe. Shoes for diabetics are sufficiently long and wide but not so big that one would slip and slide inside of them. An advantage is a stable foot bed that gives stability for the foot. Here again one should do without inlays, which regularly used particularly stress certain spots of the foot by stimulation the development of callus. Daily observation belongs to the daily routine – as soon as it is noticed that one gets calluses or even tough horny skin by wearing certain shoes, those need to be sorted out and replaced. Both the sole and the upper material as well as all other components of shoes for diabetics should be made of a breathable, skin friendly material – e.g. natural leather. Feet that are in a sufficiently air-conditioned environment do not sweat, therefore do not soften and are able to remain “healthy”, or much better: untainted, even after many hours of carrying shoes. An Excellent nail care, regular (medical) foot care, above all affecting the foot´s skin: Thus the frightening consequences of circulatory disorders can be avoided in addition to healthy footwear.

Healthy footwear in fashionable packaging

Even the name “healthy shoes” made people interested in fashion become desperate in former times. The shoes presented themselves clumsy, unimaginative and thus everything else than modern – with foot health as the only priority. That has changed a lot since then. Today even in the healthy range many brands present themselves modern and fresh, with hip colours, in elegant as well as sporty designs. Of course, good quality in fashionably perfect layout is a little more expensive than the average shoe from a discounter – but the own health and intactness should be worth every pence to every single person.