Those who have a few (more) pounds too much on the scales today do not have to worry as much about their clothing as it was the case just a few years ago. There was a time when chubby persons had almost no diversity in their clothes – not to mention a need to think about fashion and fashionable appearance. Trousers with elastic bands, the same skirts all the time, the simplest tops, besides that mostly unfavourable: Thus “collections” for overweight people looked like for a long time. Those who did not want to wear this fashion had the sole option to go to a tailor and have some customized clothes or special sizes tailored for lots of money or have their own clothes changed. This did not make an impressive performance possible either. From underwear, to nightwear and every day clothing as well as evening outfits no one really had a thought about how it felt for overweight people to only be able to make their purchases in special shops, if at all, and, in addition, to find a rather dubious, but definitely expensive offer here.

Only over the last about 15 years a change in the views of the fashion couturiers and designers can be noticed. In rare cases the fashion for overweight individuals can be found directly next to the size zero collections on some few runways; but this special category of fashion definitely found its place in the normal shops in the cities. Ladies´ collections from size 42 or 44 to 60 are still differentiated in clearly identified corners, and also clothes racks with the offer for gents with special sizes are rather separated in clothing stores. But at least suitable evening outfits, winter jackets, summer clothing and accessories can be found here, wide enough, long enough and in the meantime – and this is the astounding part – also in a fashionable style.

Oversized hip fashion – this is not always compatible with what the designers thought up for slim people. Some love handles, some bottom fat, arms and legs are not made for tight-fitting clothing: Some tricks need to be played, if those problematic body parts are ment to be concealed and not highlighted. But at least regarding the basic styles of the clothes concerning colours, patterns and universal designs overweight people are well able to be dressed fashionably and up to date. That makes it easier to go through the world with self-confidence, even if a motivation to go on a diet or have a clearly healthier life might get lost through this.

Probably only those who suffered from it really knew that especially underwear and shoes were a big problem for overweight people until the change in thinking in the fashion industry. A suitable winter boot was only obtainable under fortunate circumstances; the boots´ shafts were only made for slim legs. Today you find winter boots with wide shafts online or in special shoe shop departments, so that even overweight ladies can finally complete their perfect winter outfit. Sometimes you are even as lucky as that those big sizes are not even more expensive than the models in regular sizes.

Only the elder  ladies can remember the horrible feeling to be in the need to buy underwear. They had to pass the clothing racks with beautiful lingerie for all those slim women with longing looks, straight up to the one or two racks for bigger sizes. There was a selection of bras in skin colour, white and black, all in the same, not very attractive look, main point: practical. Even in this extremely private department in the clothing store there are playful and modern lingeries, tastefully and attractively designed to enable the female curves to be wrapped either comfortably or sexy – but at least good-looking.

Nowadays overweight people can almost make normal purchases, not only in shops and special boutiques in which exclusively fashion and shoes in big sizes are offered but especially online, in all price categories, in every style direction from leisurewear to elegant evening clothing and even traditional costumes and also in the range of nightwear and lingerie.